Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ski Team Trivia

Name the skier, the ski team, the race, and the year.
There's no prize for anyone who gets the right answer, but I bet you'll feel proud of yourself.


  1. My guess: Robert Brewster, UAA ski team, NCAA Championships in Stowe, 1982

  2. Well, Lucky, there were four parts of this question: Two were easy, and two weren't so easy.
    UAA Ski Team - easy enough. The logo is on the skier's shoulder. And the NCAA's at Stowe - it says so on the bib. Well played, my friend.
    Regarding the year, that's a little trickier, but I follow your thinking: That Epoke ski model is stamped with a "1982 WM Oslo" logo isn't it? So that means it couldn't be before 1982. But it could be after 1982.
    Look at the ski poles, though. Everyone knows Swix didn't make white ski poles until after 1982.
    And the skier? I'll give you a hint - there's a good chance you'll meet this skier out on Anchorage's ski trails this winter, or perhaps you have already.
    So while I commend you for your enthusiasm and your sleuthing skills regarding the event, the polls will remain open...

  3. Its James Oksoktaruk, UAA Ski Team, NCAA Championships in Stowe, VT in 1990.

  4. Excellent work, Mackenzie! And I like how you didn't use the word "guess" in your answer.
    Those Swix Laser2000 ski poles came out sometime around 1989 or 1990.
    And few can replicate Jim's skiing technique; you'll not see anyone more graceful on a pair of classic skis.

  5. I'm just guessing that Mackenzie and Der Panzerwagen might have been cooperating on this trivia...

  6. Yes. That was me James (Jim) Oksoktaruk. 1990 NCAA Championships in Stowe, VT. They had to truck in the snow and it was pretty cool to ski on trucked in snow. Tim Miller won the 10 K skate. Tom Besh and Tina Hoffman were my coaches. I like my bib number 14 its 2014 Olympic year! Go USA! :) Thanks my friend Adam for posting and bringing good memories back. Go UAA Seawolves!!