Thursday, November 14, 2013

In the Ferry Terminal Parking Lot

Earlier today I had my TV tuned to the Danish channel as I was working on something at home, not really paying attention to what was on, until suddenly the sight of our old friend Lasse caught my eye!  So I put down what I was doing and watched for a minute.

(Click on Lasse's nose for the video)
The interview was over before it began, but it did leave me with a few questions:
-Your parents are still letting you drive the family car, Lasse?  I thought that was a temporary thing back in August.  Now you've talked them into letting you drive it across Scandinavia?  With those persuasion skills, you're going to make quite the lawyer, I guess.
-You stop the car in the ferry terminal parking lot, take all your crap out of the car, rummage around in your ski bag, and then load it all back into the car...  Be honest, Lasse: wasn't this just a dog and pony show?  I don't believe that you actually needed anything out of that ski bag.
-OK, my Danish is a little rusty, but didn't I hear the sports anchor say that the Olympics will be held in January next year?  A little more research next time perhaps...
-And speaking of the anchorman, if you find out what his t-shirt says (under his sport jacket) please tell me.  I'm dying to know.
-ROSSIGNOL!!!  Wow Lasse, who've you been hanging out with?

So Lasse is off to race in Scandinavia.  If he skis fast later this month, he has his ticket to the Olympics.  We're all behind you here in Alaska, Lasse, and looking forward to news of good results in the coming weeks!

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  1. Before I board a ferry I always flextest my skis! It's a routine I have..