Monday, November 18, 2013

Hillside Living

Over the weekend, the team was invited to Bob and Koni Arnold's house for dinner, where we enjoyed the most delicious food I can remember, and a panoramic nighttime view over the city's twinkling lights. With Etienne's birthday recently, we even had a little party for him (and got to hear Synnøve sing Happy Birthday in Norwegian). Thank you so much to the Arnold family for letting us tromp around your house and make a lot of noise, and for the wonderful dinner.  Coach Andrew kept asking me, "Have you tried this ham?  Have you tried it!? It's amazing!"

What's more scary - the spooky photo that looks like the team is having a séance, or the one with the lights on where where we look like a bunch of muskrats caught in the car headlights?

Thank you to the Arnold family for a wonderful evening full of epicurean delights!

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