Monday, September 23, 2013

Meet the Freshman - Andrew Arnold

The UAA Nordic Ski Team Blog is never afraid to push the limits of interweb technology. Always on the cutting edge, my sources have informed me that it is actually possible to include video on this blog. Therefore, today we begin a series of interviews with first-year UAA skiers.  Dedicated readers of this blog will need no introduction to our returning skiers because you've been diligently following their progress already. But we have quite a few new team members this year, and this will be your chance to hear from them, in their very own (few) words.

Andrew Arnold is the first interviewee.  He's not actually a freshman, as you'll hear in his interview, but he did transfer from University of Alaska Fairbanks, so I'm sure the returning team members will make him carry their bags and wax their skis anyway...

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