Saturday, September 28, 2013

For Andrew

Dear Coach Kastning,
We hope you're having a nice time in Utah, and that you're learning a bunch of stuff that you can come back and teach us. We're having lots of fun here on the Kenai Peninsula!  This morning, we spent about three and a half hours rollerskiing and running between Sunrise and Johnson Pass.  I heard a few people say it was the most fun workout they've done this year, so we were sad you had to miss it. But you'll probably get just as much enjoyment out of these pictures.
Come home soon!
The UAA Nordic Ski Team

The women's team on the Hope road.

Lukas and Brandon.

Canyon Creek Bridge.

Bench Creek


  1. It was 77 degrees today in Villard! But I still get jealous..

  2. Wow! This looks awesome. I did pick up on some things that will be useful in our drive to the podium, but it's always tough to miss out on something like this. Thanks for the note.