Monday, September 16, 2013

I protest!

Though life is generally pretty good around the UAA Ski Team, it's not all rainbows and unicorns. There are occasionally disputes and disagreements between the athletes and between the coaches which must be dealt with and resolved. Just the other day, for example, Andrew sprung the news on me that he wants to add one more wax tech to our coaching team this winter.  Apparently, he feels our crew could be bolstered with some extra help with kick waxing. But I've always thought we handled the job just fine with three coaches.  Don't get me wrong, Sylvie is my best friend under the age of five.  She's fun and interesting to talk to, she's got a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and I truly respect her ideas and opinions.  But seeing her waxing technique in this video... I just don't feel she's ready yet.  I mean, look at what she's doing - putting purple kick wax in the glide zone - everyone knows you just don't do that!  I say let her get one more year of experience and then she can be our chief kick waxer for winter 2015.


  1. Being that she's two now, you're going to get a stiff argument for doing it 'her way' at the wax table. I hope you can work up the proper counter arguments in 2015. Blueberry crackers work pretty well thus far.

  2. I already have my counter-argument: "Go to your room right now, young lady, and think about it for a while. And don't come out until I tell you it's OK. Keep it up and there will be no blueberry crackers for dessert."