Monday, March 4, 2013


T minus 2 days to the first starter out of the gate (Wednesday / Giant Slalom).  We spent the morning at Breadloaf, learning the race course and testing classic skis and wax.  In the evening, after a short visit to Middlebury and the college campus, we invaded the alpine team's home for a big team dinner, the last chance we'll get to all hang out together until the end of the championships.  For the next five days we'll all be busy preparing for our cross-country and alpine races. After dinner, it was time for the second annual UAA Ski Team Trivia Contest, with Coach Andrew as the Trivia Czar.  Like last year, the game was full of scandal, deception and controversy, but in the end the winners (Cedric, Lukas, Marine and Tor) demonstrated consistent superiority from Round 1 through Round 3, and won by a clear margin.

Tomorrow's program includes morning equipment testing and light training at the ski trails, and the NCAA banquet in the evening.

For the official program for this week's championships, check out:
And the live webcast schedule is here:

Marine was pretty excited about the coach/athlete ratio today on the ski trails.

The boys catching a breath after a hot lap to learn how to ski this race course at speed.

Ski Team Trivia night at the Alpine Team House, with Coach Andrew as Spielmeister.

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