Friday, March 22, 2013


The ski racing continues this week for some of us, as Lasse, Viktor, Marine and Lukas have driven to Fairbanks in Lasse's car to race in the Sonot Kkaazoot 50k marathon this weekend.  It'll be their last race of the year.  I hope they have fun. 

For those of us who stayed in town, we have some great skiing at Kincaid Park.  Here are a few pictures from yesterday morning when all the coaches ganged up on Patricia (who was the only one brave enough to go skiing with us) and made her ski without poles on the Lekisch Trail.  Snow conditions couldn't have been better, though.
Front to back:  Andrew, Pati, Tor.

In the afternoon, I flew down to Kodiak Island to inspect some homes.  It's always an adventure.
I always call "shotgun" when we're in the Islander. I'm good with the fire extinguisher.

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