Saturday, March 9, 2013

Visitors (Part 2)

The mens' and womens' slalom were held today.  Our plan was to test skis and then go up to the slalom hill to cheer on our alpine teams. But unfortunately the weather was changing and our on-snow testing was indicating that the best waxing solutions at 10am (women's start time tomorrow) were no longer the best waxing solutions at noon (men's start time).  So we needed to stay and focus our attention on our jobs at the nordic site and we were unable to make it to the alpine hill to support our alpine team. 

Going into our final day of racing tomorrow, the UAA Ski Team is in eighth place.  With a really good day tomorrow, we could move up a couple of spots in the overall rankings.  The team is focused and ready.  It's going to be a great day for both spectating and racing - the weather is predicted to be 45 degrees F and sunny.  With all the spectators that will come out to watch and cheer, it's going to be an exciting day!  Go UAA!

Having NCAA's on the east coast makes it easier for some of our athletes' parents to be able to visit and watch the races.  Earlier this week, Marine's parents and Lukas' dad arrived in Vermont, and we have all enjoyed meeting them and visiting with them this week.  I think their presence has only added to the good vibe around "Camp UAA" this week, and their support has helped our skiers acheive the good results they've had so far this week.

Dieter Ebner

Bruno and Chantelle Dusser

Nevio and Tor hard at play in the wax shack.

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