Saturday, January 21, 2012

Math Time

The alpine team completed both of their races at the University of Denver series last weekend, leaving the cross-country team to race this weekend and finish out the series.  At the conclusion of the alpine races, UAA was in 5th place.  On Friday, the UAA women went 4th/5th/6th to win their race by a lot, while Lasse picked up a lot of points with his fourth place finish.  The combined result of these efforts brought us past the University of New Mexico, into 4th place overall (alpine and nordic), and seventeen points behind University of Denver.  Today were the final races of the series:  15km mass start skating for the men and 10K mass start skating for the women.  Once again, the UAA women destroyed the field, with Jaime winning the race, Laura in third, and Steffi in fifth.  In the men's race, Lucky was tenth, Nevio was 12th and Lasse was 16th.  (The non-college skiers are taken out of the college scoring.) Today's results moved UAA past University of Denver and into third place!
I haven't talked to anyone about the race; I'm only looking at the results - but I notice something interesting and encouraging when I look at the women's results:  In the race for first, Jaime beat Eliska Hajkova by about six seconds, suggesting that they may have been skiing together until Jaime made a strong push at the end to win the race.  A little less than a half-minute back, Laura won her battle for third against Clara Chauvet by about six seconds.  And about a half minute further back, Steffi won her battle for fifth with a three second win over Kate Dolan.  Having not skied at Devil's Thumb Ranch myself since 1992, I don't know how the course comes into the finish, and it's dangerous to speculate about a race you didn't see, but the results would suggest tough skiing by our skiers near the finish, and that's the kind of thing that wins points in these college races.  Every point counts. A few years ago, when we were fourth at NCAA's, just a few more points would have gotten us second place!  I'm really encouraged by UAA's willingness and eagerness to dig deep to get the win in the tough finish line battles!  Congratulations to UAA on another successful weekend in the tracks. We are working toward the ultimate goal of great performances at the NCAA Championships in Montana in early March, and this weekend does nothing to dampen my optimism going into the second half of the season.

A sweep of Faceboook pages doesn't yield any photos from Devil's Thumb Ranch, so I guess the team was too busy waxing skis to take pictures.  You'll have to settle for the results (below):

Class: M - Men 15 km
PlaceBibNameClassDivisionAffiliationTimeTime Back
190OEDEGAARD, Rune MaloMUniversity of Colorado48:14.50
282SMITH, DidrikMUniversity of Utah48:18.6+4.1
392HAVLICK, MilesMUniversity of Utah48:19.2+4.7
473REINKING, TylerMMontana State University48:27.8+13.3
584KJOELHAMAR, VegardMUniversity of Colorado48:48.0+33.5
674PLETCHER, ReidMUniversity of Colorado49:01.7+47.2
785SCHALLINGER, MichaelMMontana State University49:16.7+1:02.2
878SMITH, TomMUniversity of Utah49:34.0+1:19.5
988DOUGHERTY, AndrewMUniversity of Denver49:37.9+1:23.4
1087EBNER, LukasMUniversity of Alaska Anchorage49:43.5+1:29.0
1196SCRIMGEOUR, MaxfieldMSteamboat Springs WSC50:05.1+1:50.6
1295LOOMIS, AdamMSteamboat Springs WSC50:08.7+1:54.2
1360HOYE, AndreasMUniversity of Colorado50:09.3+1:54.8
1469ZENI, NevioMUniversity of Alaska Anchorage50:10.0+1:55.5
1568BYE BREVIK, JoergenMUniversity of Denver50:10.4+1:55.9
1689PRESTSAETER, SjurMUniversity of New Mexico50:11.3+1:56.8
1777WALLACE, ConorMUniversity of Denver50:12.0+1:57.5
1879MOELGAARD, LasseMUniversity of Alaska Anchorage50:39.5+2:25.0
1961MALLAMS, IanMUniversity of Colorado50:42.4+2:27.9
2066KESSELHEM, SawyerMMontana State University50:46.4+2:31.9
2181OTTO, ChristianMUniversity of New Mexico50:57.8+2:43.3
2275JOHNSTON, GalenMUniversity of Alaska Anchorage50:58.6+2:44.1
2364MADDEN, PatrickMMontana State University51:00.1+2:45.6
2470FIGI, RolfMUniversity of Utah51:00.8+2:46.3
2571DU PASQUIER, ArnaudMUniversity of Colorado51:28.8+3:14.3
2658TREINEN, MaxMUniversity of Alaska Anchorage51:31.2+3:16.7
2754BROMLEY, LukeMIndependent51:42.9+3:28.4
2880MARKSET, TrygveMUniversity of Denver52:02.3+3:47.8
2997VON THADEN, CharlieMSteamboat Springs WSC52:26.1+4:11.6
3056LIOTTA, NeilMMontana State University52:37.3+4:22.8
3198WARD, MichaelMSteamboat Springs WSC53:22.2+5:07.7
3299WEINMAN, EvanMSteamboat Springs WSC53:44.0+5:29.5
3359NYGREN, HansMMontana State University54:10.6+5:56.1
3476NIESS, PierreMUniversity of New Mexico54:39.2+6:24.7
3553SMITH, CarlMIndependent55:07.9+6:53.4
3667LOONEY, AdamMUniversity of Wyoming55:09.6+6:55.1
3772SOLBERG, EivindMUniversity of New Mexico55:18.5+7:04.0
3851ZAVISLAN, StefanMUS Air Force Academy55:38.9+7:24.4
3994HOUGH, NathanMUniversity of Wyoming56:11.8+7:57.3
4083BOCHANSKI, KyleMUniversity of Wyoming56:12.8+7:58.3
4163RODGERS, PatrickMUniversity of Wyoming56:53.4+8:38.9
4293FIELD, CliffMSteamboat Springs WSC59:22.0+11:07.5
4355ODERWALD, DevinMUniversity of Wyoming1:00:47.5+12:33.0

Class: F - Women 10 km
PlaceBibNameClassDivisionAffiliationTimeTime Back
132BRONGA, JaimeFUniversity of Alaska Anchorage36:59.50
236HAJKOVA, EliskaFUniversity of Colorado37:05.1+5.6
321ROMBACH, LauraFUniversity of Alaska Anchorage37:23.6+24.1
429CHAUVET, ClaraFUniversity of New Mexico37:32.4+32.9
528HIEMER, SteffiFUniversity of Alaska Anchorage37:53.9+54.4
634DOLAN, KateFUniversity of Denver37:58.4+58.9
733KEMP, RoseFUniversity of Utah38:01.4+1:01.9
820CAPPEL, MakaylaFUniversity of Denver38:04.9+1:05.4
923KUTZ, CaseyFMontana State University38:06.2+1:06.7
1037KLAESSON, LinnFUniversity of New Mexico38:19.0+1:19.5
1131CARLSON, AseFMontana State University38:20.1+1:20.6
1222NORD, AnniFUniversity of New Mexico38:41.0+1:41.5
139JORTBERG, JessicaFUniversity of Denver38:45.3+1:45.8
1438ELDEN, MariFUniversity of Denver39:16.3+2:16.8
1530TYLER, ParkerFUniversity of Utah39:18.6+2:19.1
1627ROSE, MaryFUniversity of Colorado39:19.8+2:20.3
1718MCDERMOTT, CambriaFMontana State University39:25.7+2:26.2
1839PISKE, HaleyFSteamboat Springs WSC39:30.8+2:31.3
1919WILSGAARD, SiljeFUniversity of Denver39:39.0+2:39.5
2025NOYES, MaliFUniversity of Utah39:43.9+2:44.4
2126GILL, KatieFUniversity of Denver39:59.5+3:00.0
224HEAGNEY, CarrieFIndependent40:03.5+3:04.0
236BACKSTRUM, KateFMontana State University40:04.4+3:04.9
2412BREED, ElenaFUniversity of Denver40:05.1+3:05.6
2510KANADY, RachelleFMontana State University40:21.5+3:22.0
263JONES, MackenzieFIndependent41:00.1+4:00.6
272LIOTTA, AnnieFIndependent41:10.3+4:10.8
2815STEGE, KatieFUniversity of Colorado41:28.6+4:29.1
298BRATLIE, SolveigFMontana State University41:56.9+4:57.4
3014SMITH, KarinaFUniversity of Alaska Anchorage43:11.2+6:11.7
3116WEINER, BridgetFUniversity of Wyoming43:28.2+6:28.7
3211JECH, SierraFUniversity of Wyoming43:51.4+6:51.9
3324MADSEN, MarianneFUniversity of Colorado44:00.2+7:00.7
347DIXSON, Sarah DFUniversity of Wyoming47:10.4+10:10.9
351VONASEK, TaylorFUS Air Force Academy54:32.6+17:33.1

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