Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Color Pink

As a three-time overall World Cup sprint champion, everyone knows Kikkan Randall is a fast skier. But most people who have been following the US Ski Team or the APU Ski Team lately also know this about Kikkan: she is very generous in her encouragement of younger skiers. She has pulled a lot of younger ski racers along in her wake and helped them to find their own success. A clear example of this phenomenon is the recent improvement and success of the US women's team, which has become one of the best teams in the world under Kikkan's leadership. 

We were out rollerskiing the other day when our path crossed with Kikkan's. Our UAA workout included a few sprints, as did Kikkan's. Hailey found herself in the right spot at the right time to ski along for a few kilometers and do some sprints with one of the best sprinters in the world, so she took advantage of the opportunity.

Hailey was visibly inspired by her conversation with Kikkan, and she was impressed with how open and generous Kikkan was with her advice and encouragement.

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