Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mario's Back!

Today we did what we always do around this time of year: a 50km+ double-pole workout around the city. Calisa, Andrew, Sylvie and Svea had promised to have waffles waiting for the team at the end of the workout, and I can tell you that a few of us were smelling those waffles during the last hour of skiing!

Former Seawolf Mario Roncador flew in from New York City just for this workout, and it was great to have him with us.  He skied the first half with the men and then jumped ship on them and came over to the women's group for the second half. After graduating from UAA, Mario's found himself a job as a consultant with a firm based in New York City. He spends three weeks out of every month traveling around the land, fixing other people's problems (presumably). Mario says he's planning to be at the NCAA Championships in New Hampshire next March. That would be a good thing because from what I heard last March, he was a whirling Dervish as my replacement volunteer assistant. The coaches have told me I'm going to have to step up my game and/or bring some new skills if I hope to maintain my position with this team after they saw what was possible under Mario's brief tenure.

It was around 22 degrees when we started this thing at 8am.

Because he's a consultant now.
Stare at this picture for a while.
Larry paced our group through the last 40 kilometers of our 50 kilometer workout.  Thanks, Larry!
Downtown Anchorage and the Coatal Trail.
Westchester Lagoon downtown.
Feasting at the Kastning house. Thank you, Calisa, Andrew, Sylvie and Svea!

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