Saturday, October 15, 2016

High Pressure

People around here are like people everywhere in the world (except Southern California). They like to think they have the craziest weather and it always changes from hour to hour and you'd better be ready for any crazy meteorological anomaly to strike without warning at any moment or you'll damn well regret it. 

But when Anchorage people say that stuff, they're wrong. Our weather is heavily influenced by the polar vortex and we often get pretty much the same kind of weather for days, weeks, or even months. Sometimes during winter, storm after storm winds up in the Aleutian Islands and rips into the Chugach Mountains, dropping meter upon meter of snow all winter.  And sometimes a big high pressure system sits over the Alaska for days or weeks. That's what's been happening lately. It's been good for us. During this time of year, sometimes it's tricky to plan workouts because of roads too snowy for rollerskiing but not enough snow on the trails to ski. We haven't been having that problem this year.

Overlooking Anchorage.

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