Monday, February 23, 2015

Random Hillside Scenes

When I make a video, you pretty much know what what you're going to get: a video that's not good.

Bob Arnold also makes videos. But his videos are different than mine; his are good. He made two videos today, and he put them into the series of tubes so that we all can watch them and have fond memories of our day of racing at Hillside today. If you were to click on the two photos below, you would see them for yourself:

I will say one negative thing about this video though:  It's too bad Bob didn't catch Lucky's crash (at 3:21) until he was getting underway again, because it was a pretty good one. It was definitely worthy of submission to one of the finest websites currently on the World Wide Web - of course I'm talking about this one.
If you're not big on videos, here are some photos:
Wildcard.  Warming up.
Andrew, Sara, and Zach. Strategy session.
I know you think college ski coaching is all about the glamour, the walks on the red carpet, and the paparazzi. And mostly it is. But there's also some hard work that goes on behind the scenes. For example, after our skiers get done racing, who's going to load them off the ski trails if not the coaches? Here's Andrew and Sara lugging a load of athletes back to the van.

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  1. That athlete did not make the cut, had to get hauled away. Lucky for him, tryouts start again May 1st.