Thursday, February 19, 2015


I don't want us to get ahead of ourselves here. We have the four biggest, most important RMISA races of the year coming up this week. It's definitely too early to start thinking about the Oosik already. You're not supposed to start thinking about and planning for the Oosik until all the serious stuff is over. But an hour-long call-in radio show took place yesterday on KTNA radio in Talkeetna, and if you're interested in hearing all the dirty little secrets and behind-the-scenes details about the Oosik Classic Ski Race then you're going to want to make yourself some popcorn, settle deep into your favorite couch, and hear one of my biggest role models, Arthur Mannix, wax poetic about Talkeetna's annual celebration of spring skiing: KTNA Oosik Classic Radio Show Starring Bill, Adam and Arthur! 

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