Sunday, February 22, 2015

For Those About To Race

Here's a preview of Tuesday's 3.3km race loop that will be used for our RMISA races at Kincaid Park. As this winter's weather has been the worst in Alaska history, there's not much snow on most of the trails. But we do have good racing conditions on the loop where artificial snow has been made by the Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage.

If you watch close at 3:45, you may catch a glimpse of this week's RMISA technical delegate Lin Hinderman yelling at me for going the wrong way on the high school race course she was preparing. Good to see Lin's on the ball and keeping things in order.

I know exactly what you're thinking right now: "But Adam, why didn't you make a video of tomorrow's (Monday) race course at Hillside?!"

I have a good reason and here it is:  I tried today to make the kind of video you're describing. But I'm a gopro amateur. Instead of pushing the button on the top of the camera that makes it record, I pushed the button on the front of the camera that turns it off. Then I hauled my out-of-shape self as fast as I could, all the way around that trail and didn't figure out until afterward that I hadn't recorded anything.


  1. Sylvie and I just watched this and she thought you skied pretty fast but could "go straighter next time"... So there you have it, try harder next time

  2. Of course Sylvie's right, and that's why we've become such good friends over the past three years; we understand each other well. We both appreciate ski jumping. We both like music. I'd like to be as carefree as Sylvie someday. I'm working toward it. It's obvious my skiing is terrible and the video is a bunch of bunk... but did she like my friends' (Sheila and Kraig's) music: their Thursday night drum 'n bass set from Burning Man in 2013 at ZaZen?