Monday, November 10, 2014

Drill Baby Drill!

I'm spending the week in Colorado to see what I can learn from UAA's alpine skiers, and it's obvious after day three of training camp that I have a lot to learn! Fortunately, I have seventeen coaches here, so I think things are progressing well.

It's been interesting to see the similarities between the nordic and alpine training sessions, as well as the differences.  And there are plenty of both. 

Though we're spending the week far away from Alaska, we are not completely outside Alaska's influence.  A huge Bering Sea storm blew across Alaska over the weekend, wiping out the snow around Anchorage and dramatically shifting the course of the jet stream, sending Hawaii's weather to Alaska, and Alaska's weather down here to us in Colorado.
Here's Curtis the Legend skiing "The Legend" in lo-vis storm conditions today.
For the most part, it's been non-stop on-ski drills this week, though Sparky also found time to show the team a couple new dance moves.
Working on the fundamentals.

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