Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rock it!

We're rockin' the rock skis here in town this week.  It's nice to be skiing on trails that are only a 15 minute drive from the UAA campus in October.

UAA's annual ski swap - our biggest fundraiser event for the team.

Andrew conducting one of many "Swap Talk" athlete interviews over the building's PA system during the ski swap. Kathi's comment after this interview was, "It was nice to do my first interview in English at the ski swap. Everyone was so busy buying skis that they weren't really paying attention. So if I messed up my English, nobody probably noticed."

Chic-Choc climbing "The Wall" on Spencer loop this morning.

The Cobra in his natural habitat.


The Cobra.

The Cobra, David, The Black Knight, Mario, Chic-Choc

Same group, same spot, but I got in on this one.


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    1. Where do you think that guy grew up? He grew up playing and exploring in the Chic-Choc Mountains. Etienne says it's his favorite place; he knows those mountains like the back of his hand.