Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dressed for Success

***Attention - Spy Photos Below!!!***

Mandy Kaempf is a woman who skied for the UAA Ski Team a few years back. She was really fast! So fast, in fact, that she won the NCAA Championship in 2005! Here's a picture of her doing it:

Notice anything unusual about the photo above?  That's right - she's only wearing one glove.  You and I might think it's strange to only wear one glove, but when you take a step back and think it over, maybe it's US who are weird, not Mandy.  After all, there are plenty of very successful people in sports who have been spotted wearing only one glove.  For example:
Arnold Palmer - greatest golfer ever?

Steve is apparently a pretty good baseball player.

...Don't know exactly what's going on here, but it looks interesting.

...and of course, the King of Pop himself. How many gloves? Just one.
So that brings us to our paparazzi spy photo, taken this morning deep in the forest, by our blog staff photographer whose job it is to bring these kinds of compelling images to you, the reader of our blog:

Here's Kathi Schratt, our new UAA freshman skier, bringing her own style with her to Alaska.  Has she already been one-gloving it for years back home in Germany?  Did she know about Mandy's 2005 NCAA win and thinks the one-glove thing is the key to skiing success in America?  Did she mistake her finger for a piece of broccoli, try to cut it in half with a knife, and is now using that big fluffy mitten for protection? We don't know. Ask her yourself. Here on the UAA Ski Team blog we're more interested in asking the questions than finding out the answers.

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