Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Week(+) in Pictures

It was a week of sunshine.  A week of competition. A week of travel.

Calisa Kastning

Christian Otto of University of New Mexico was kind enough to take me backcountry skiing last Monday.  Turns out Christian's a good alpine skier, but his rented BC skis with a DIN-setting of 5 made for a couple of hilarious double-pre-release crashes.
Nicole in the midst of  the final day of waxing in our UAA Ski Room, the night before the US Nationals 30k / 50k races.  All future waxing will be done in our new ski room.
Here's our new ski room, with that delicious new ski room smell.
Lukas Ebner mid-way through Friday's 50k national championship in Anchorage.

Lucky in action.

This photo was not staged. 

But this one was staged. 

Not staged.

Here's Pati, Max Olex (from UAF), and Natalia Müller at the the hot tub beside Friday's 50k race course.  Don't worry, the microphone was out of range of the reciever, so nobody except the four of us heard what Max had to say.

A little backcountry action on Pastoral Peak.

The view from Pastoral.

The day after the 50k race, I needed to travel to Petersburg in Southeast for work.  But a coworker loaned me her kayak at the end of the day for an evening paddle among the icebergs in Frederick Sound.

Near Petersburg.

Ice from the LeConte Glacier.

There's plenty of snow and ice in Southeast.

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  1. Adam... It looks amazing with both bc-skiing and kayak. I need to get a job asap to I can come back!