Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Norpine Challenge

Every year at around this time, the UAA Ski Team conducts research to find out who among us is the best all-around skier.  This research is called the “Norpine Challenge” and it is comprised of two stages – slalom and cross-country.  Can the alpine skiers win the slalom by a big enough margin so that they can get to the finish line before being caught by the Nordic skiers?  Can the uphillers show enough proficiency bashing plastic so that they won’t have to start too many minutes behind the downhillers?  These are compelling questions that demand answers.

Unfortunately for you, the reader of this blog, the official event photographer flaked out on us and we were too busy racing to stand around taking pictures of each other, so all I have to show you is this one photo that I took five minutes before the start of Lucky, Viktor, Mackenzie and Pati as they got fired up and talked strategy at the top of the slalom hill:

But I can tell you about the results.  Patricia demonstrated the all-round skiing prowess that the Swiss are known for with a masterful win in the women’s race, while the writer of this blog managed to win the men’s race.

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