Friday, July 19, 2013

European Vacation

I can't be everywhere.  I can't know everything. 

That's why I rely on my minions to send me dribs and drabs of information; little gems of knowledge and insight that I can't get while kicking around southcentral Alaska in this glorious summery sunshine.  And from time to time, my minions send me something notable and relevant.  Something interesting and compelling.  Something blogworthy.

For example: 

I already knew that Vicki and Lucky traveled long distances earlier this week to reunite with each other, crossing several international borders to do so.  They wanted to do some ski training together, they wanted to witness the Tour de France's epic 2xAlpe d'Huez stage in person, and they wanted to visit Marine in her native habitat in the Haute Savoie.  I had seen this picture on the interweb - a picture that leaves nobody feeling shamed or inadequate.  Just two guys sitting on the couch in Marine's living room:
Photo: What a Nice favorite Swedish and German guy in my house !! #tdf2013 #villarddelans #uaaskiteam #welcomehome @vbrannmark  @lucky2201
Question:  Why would anyone hesitate to put a picture like this on the interweb?
Answer: They wouldn't.  It's a very nice picture.

On the other hand, there are some pictures that don't make it on the interweb so easily.  Maybe the people in the picture don't want these kinds of pictures floating around in cyberspace for all to see. Maybe they don't even know that certain photos were taken in the first place. And this is where my minions come in handy.  They send me these pictures so that I can keep you, the loyal UAA Team Blog reader, updated with the information you need to keep current on all the latest UAA Ski Team news.  For example, the picture below - a picture which was taken just hours ago.  If you know anything about the UAA Ski Team, or even if you don't know much about the team but have been keeping up with the blog, you will immediately understand what's going on in this picture.  If you don't understand what's going on in this picture then maybe you need to start paying a little closer attention:

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