Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Camp Fuwa

In recent years, many Seawolves have spent time training at the UAA Ski Team's satellite training facility and European Headquarters in the heart of the Germany's Black Forest.  Raphael Wunderle and Laura Rombach honed their skills there during the summers in preparation for the grueling winter college circuit. Toby Schwoerer developed his incredible climbing skills doing laps up and down Feldberg. There are reported Lutz Klausmann sightings from time to time in the deepest, darkest, remotest parts of the Black Forest. Davis Dunlap made a trip there last summer to test the Schwarzwälder training venues and found them to be satisfactory. This year, "Camp Fuwa" is in session once again, as Lasse and Viktor have made the trip south from Scandinavia to run, rollerski and bike with Lukas around Schwarzwald's hills and valleys.
Three men, three goals, same training. Viktor's trying to work his way up through Sweden's national team program, Lasse's hoping to ski in the 2014 Olympics, and Lukas would sure love to win NCAA's next year.
Meanwhile, here in Anchorage, life is good:

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