Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ski Team Media Guide

Hey UAA Ski Team fans!  Are you like me?  Do you love thinking about the UAA Ski Team and its athletes and coaches?!  Do you sometimes wonder where these athletes came from?!  Or what they're studying in college?!  Do you sometimes wonder how many UAA All-American skiers there have been, or whether Tiina Kantola ever won an NCAA Championship?! Do you ever wish all this fascinating and exciting information could be held in one little book that you could print off and take with you on the subway or the sports bar so you could look up the answers to your questions at a moment's notice?!  Well, now you can because the 2013 UAA Ski Team Media Guide is now hot off the press, and available to you now for the low, low price of FREE!

Imagine - no more awkward pauses during your Thursday-night games of UAA Ski Team Trivial Pursuit as you try to try to remember if Frode Lillefjell won the NCAA Championship in 1996... or was it 1997?  Did UAA have five NCAA All-Americans in 1979... or were there only four?  Is Davis Dunlap from Wasilla, Alaska... or Palmer?  Is Cam Brewington studying finance... or biology?  The answers to all these questions and many, many more are available for you at the simple click of a button!  So why wait?!  Click on the link below and you could be on your way to a whole new realm of excitement and exploration! 
The 2013 UAA Ski Team Media Guide - It's what winners read!!

ps. There may be a pop quiz later.

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