Friday, January 25, 2013

Another day, another interval...

Today we did some skating intervals.  The UAA Ski Team is happy to be back at sea level again after several weeks of thin air.  In fact, today we started each of our intervals at about 50 feet above sea level and climbed up to around... well, you'll be able to estimate for yourself from the photos.
Sarah picking up a little mid-interval advice from her coach.

Patricia cresting Lone Tree Hill. (New UAA skiers wouldn't know this place as Lone Tree Hill, though, because the "Lone Tree" fell down in a wind storm last summer.  The Lone Tree used to be right there hanging over the ski trail, on the right hand side of this picture.  It was one of the better trees you'll ever lay eyes on. It always looked like a perfect roost for a vulture, waiting for dead and dying skiers at the top of the Lekisch climb.)

Viktor and Lucky


Galen of the Mountain

The Black Knight

What's this???! Some kind of Norwegian armadillo?  A new kind of nordic spine protector? Swix's marketing director? No, it's just Tor taking care of his assistant-coach grunt work - schlepping the kids' clothes and drink belts up the hill to the finish of the interval loop for them. And that's Andrew doing the same in front of him.

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