Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Little House on the Prairie

Today was spent preparing for tomorrow's sprint race.  The coaches spent several hours testing skis while the athletes tested their own skis and got comfortable with the sprint course.  It's a pretty straightforward course - the first half is uphill and the second half is downhill.  Sprint racing is not part of the NCAA race format; there are no sprint races at our NCAA national championships or at any other college races.  So our athletes have nothing to lose tomorrow.  They can just go out there and blast away and see what happens.  But it will be a valuable day for us nonetheless.  Even though the altitude is not that high, it is close to the FIS altitude limit and three minutes of hard skiing at this altitude will give our skiers with less altitude experience a little taste of thinner air.  And after a short holiday break and long travel logistics, it will provide a hard effort which can reintroduce the body to ski racing again.  I got a little too busy to bring the camera to the Soldier Hollow today, but here are a few more pictures of our (big) little house on the Utah prairie.
Our House

Our View

Our UAA Team Horses

Our Swimming Pool

Our Athletes


  1. Hello Adam! Still nice to follow your "blogg". Here back home we wonder if we can follow the races in Salt Lake Cite by the computer? Do you know if they have a webcam? Would be very nice if we could see Viktor race.

    1. I don't think there's a webcam. I'll ask around today at the race venue. The most up-to-date timing / results should be available at http://summittiming.com/races/race_results.php There are start lists, results, and maybe even "live results" if you can find something like that on the website.

      The coaches leave the house for the ski area in 20 minutes; the boys join us a little later. The girls another hour later. All of us are ready to race!