Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chena Training Camp

For their last week of freedom before school starts next week, Lukas and Lasse decided to spend five days in Fairbanks to take advantage of the good rollerskiing and running that's available in interior Alaska.  They've been rollerskiing on the Steese Highway, north of Fairbanks where Lasse reports seeing no more than around ten cars in a two-hour workout. Yesterday's workout was a "Chena Triathlon".  They rollerskied toward Fairbanks from Chena Hot Springs, then traded rollerskis for running shoes for the three-hour return trip to Chena on the Angel Rocks Trail, and finished with a "swim" in Chena Hot Springs.

It looks to me like fall is coming - the leaves are already turning yellow in Fairbanks.  But Lasse reports sunny, warm, beautiful days and 70 degrees.

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