Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This coming Sunday, the entire UAA Ski Team gets together for the first time in many months for "Seawolf Start", the annual beginning-of-the-school-year meeting with the rest of the UAA Athletic Department and sports teams.  The word on the street is that most of the Nordic ski team will be arriving in Anchorage later this week.  Fifty percent of this year's team will be new to UAA - an unusually large number of freshmen. 

In the meantime, several members of the team are already here.  I was doing a strength workout at UAA on Saturday when I heard the sound of medicine balls banging against the floor next door - a sound that could have only been made by Lucky and Lasse throwing those medicine balls around.  So I joined them for the second half of their workout.  They left town on Monday for a five-day pre-school mini training camp in Fairbanks, where the rollerskiing and running should be excellent.

In the meantime, I am working frantically to catch up with the office work that built up while I was biking in Hawaii last week.  I only have about four more days before I leave for another week - this time to visit my friends in the Black Rock Desert.

Lutz and Davis conquering the Dolomites

Lutz, Nevio and Davis in South Tirol

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