Thursday, March 9, 2017

Just a Bunch of Pictures

A lot has happened since my last letter. I'll attempt to let this plethora of photos explain it all.

Typical team meeting, gathered 'round the pick 'em up truck

We're deep into the klister here in New Hampshire.

The backdrop for our racing trails this week.

Another team meeting

Zack under full power in training

Andrew and Skippy


This is where we prepare the skis

There's always an NCAA championship banquet. This is the 2017 edition. Mount Washington Hotel. Site of the 1944 Bretton Woods Monetary Conference. 

Sparky and Anna assigned me to the start for the Giant Slalom. Here's the race hill.  I know you think I inadvertently tilted the camera sideways when I took this picture. But I didn't. It's the world that's tilted sideways. The race hill and I are not.

It was blustery in the start.  Here's Anna and Sparky. Sparky's the one wearing the slime line gloves.

Alix, Kat, Hughey, Dom

Dominic Unterberger

Kat. This is the last run of her final giant slalom. The last one.

Skippy, Andrew, Sara.   Post race.



Zacke. Near the finish.  And Andrew

Zacke, Butter, Hailey

Skippy and Nitro
Today was one of those days...

Every afternoon there's a rematch. It's a brutal thing to witness.

Toomas.  Recuperation and contemplation.

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