Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hearing Voices

Andrew and Sara put me to work this past week as the stadium announcer for our series of home races. After a full day of hearing my own voice blasting back at me through Kincaid Park’s PA system, all I wanted during the drive home was to turn on the car radio and hear the soft soothing voice of a National Public Radio newsreader telling me sweet stories about Donald Trump’s newest scandal or latest tweet. But when I flipped on the radio, what did I hear?  I heard my own voice coming across the airwaves – in an interview that I’d done earlier in the week. I couldn’t escape myself!

But I wasn’t the only one in the interview. My segment was during the second half of the hour; the first half hour featured other guests. And as I listened to the discussion of the first half-hour, I realized that something sounded very familiar about it. I got the feeling I’d heard these people before.  But where and when had I heard these voices?  Why were they so familiar?

And suddenly it hit me!  It was those heavyfooting pioneers!  I'd been fascinated by the documentary about the innovative and revolutionary advances made by Corey Staab when he single-handedly pulled the underground sport of heavyfooting out of the shadows and into the spotlight. And here I was, witnessing another Corey Staab moment! I was listening to Jesse Jayson!

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