Monday, February 27, 2017


With eight years' worth of post-collegiate World Cup experience and a couple Olympic Games under her belt, Sara's not a bad person to have a chat with if you've got any questions about ski racing and how to do it better.

Here's Sara making sure the men are ready for yesterday's start.
Debriefing with Zacke and Marcus 

Consulting with Sadie, who had a rough skate race

Consulting with Hannah post-race

And Quail

In this scene, Pietro is explaining to Sara how, when someone wrecks in front of you on a downhill and you can't avoid him and you crash and dislocate your shoulder and you're in terrible pain, it is necessary to take a moment to take some deep breaths, let the heart rate come down, and let the muscles relax so that you can pop your shoulder back into place. Only then can you continue with the race. Pietro wins the toughness award for the day; he was our best finisher despite suffering a dislocated shoulder at around the 4km mark. (By the way, it looks like Pietro was wearing the appropriate gloves yesterday.)


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