Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pow Slashers!

There are miles and miles of really great cross-country skiing available at Kincaid Park right now. But all of those miles are located on the 2.4 kilometer man-made snow loop.  And this morning that little loop was packed with 500+ high school kids who were thrashing around on it, vying for the title of "Lynxloppet Champion". We didn't need to get embroiled in that mess, so we made the 45-minute drive south with our classic skis to slash a little Chugach pow-pow on the Girdwood nordic loop. Some of us (I'm speaking for myself here) only brought our rock skis but this proved to be a poor decision as there was not a rock to be found out there. When I use my rock skis, I want to hit some rocks, dammit!

We followed the groomer around. Literally. That's Jim and Peter on the snowmachine in front of Andrew and Toomas.

Here are the women getting Andrew's instructions about today's intervals.

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