Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Halloween Tweet

I don't tweet. I don't even know how to tweet, and I'm not sure I want to learn. Sure, tweeting is cute, but I feel it's beneath me.  You can't fit nearly enough narcissism into one of those little Twitter tweets.  To really satisfy the voracious appetite of an enormous ego like mine, you need a blog!

Nevertheless, some people do tweet. Our UAA Ski Team Blog interns, for example. They tweet. Not only do they tweet, but they read other people's tweets.  And one Twitter tweeter's tweets that our interns especially like to follow is Kikkan Randall, who is taking the winter off from World Cup racing this year to have a child, which means we'll probably see her out on our local ski trails a lot more than usual. Kikkan was out skiing today at Hatcher Pass, and of course all the UAA Ski Team Blog interns rushed to the Twittersphere lickety split as soon as they got back to Anchorage to see what Kikkan had to say about it. And what did they find when they checked in with Twitter? Kikkan was tweeting up a storm about our very own Mario Roncador (AKA Batman).

The worst thing about this photo is that Mario's wearing a vest so you can't really even tell that he's dressed as Batman. In fact, he kind of looks like he's wearing a 2013 APU Ski Team suit. But the best thing about this photo is how oblivious Mario is to the whole thing. And of course the fact that Mario managed to pull down a quick 75 'likes' for Kikkan in just a couple of minutes.

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