Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Marathon Men

UAA skiers have been mobbing the Euro marathon circuits this summer.  

Lasse left the law office and went outdoors for a few hours recently - a rare occurrence lately - just long enough to run the Copenhagen Marathon in less than 3 hours. While a sub 3-hour marathon is nothing to sneeze at, it should be noted that former UAF skier Erik Soederstrom ran the race too, and was nice enough to wait around for 20 minutes at the finish line until Lasse arrived so they could take this picture together. Of course, it wasn't really an even race between the two.  Notice that Lasse was wearing a number in the 10,000's, while Erik was wearing a bib that said "Erik". They only give you a bib with your name on it if they think you're going to win.  So Erik had probably already run the first mile before Lasse got across the starting line.
Meanwhile, Clement left UAA and is now racing in the elite class on the French mountain running circuit for the Hoka One One shoe company. He recently raced the MaxiRace marathon in 3:59.  Not as fast as Lasse raced the Copenhagen marathon, but good enough for 3rd place! (It's my understanding that Copenhagen is not as hilly as the French Alps.)  Congratulations, Clement!

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