Thursday, August 14, 2014

Music Television

Remember when MTV used to show music videos and not much else?  Of course you don't, because that was back in the '80's and if you're reading this you probably weren't born yet.  But I remember it well.  (link and link)

While MTV may have mutated into nonstop reality shows, the UAA Ski Team has stayed true to its values after all these years, and still produces its own cutting-edge music videos.  Why, just this summer Andrew Kastning produced an epic video featuring the team in all its glory, playing in the snow, flying on jets, getting muddy, waking up early...

You can get all the satellite, cable, and pay-per-view TV subscriptions you want, but you're not going to find this video anywhere else.  We ought to be charging money to watch it.  But we're not, because Andrew's not in the music video business for the money.  He's in it because he's got soul. Check it out here!

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