Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Most Knowledgeable Freshman in the World - Mackenzie Kanady

Yesterday at Hatcher Pass, I skied several laps with Lukas.  Eventually, the conversation turned (inevitably) to freshmen, and I ridiculed Lukas (a senior) for not demanding that the freshmen on the team wait on him hand and foot, as is their prescribed burden.  I noted that I had never seen Alex Loan shining Lucky’s shoes, nor had I seen Synnøve bringing him a glass of water. It seemed to me that Lukas, in letting the freshman off the hook like that, is in fact shirking his responsibilities as a senior and a team leader, and that nothing good could come of it. To which Lucky replied, “But these freshmen don’t consider themselves freshmen!  They don’t actually even believe that they are freshman!  They all have fancy descriptions of their class standing.  Andrew Arnold considers himself a “transfer student”. Alex Loan is a self-described “local”. Synnøve thinks she’s a “mercenary ski racer on loan from Norway”.  So any time I try to tell them to do stuff for me because I’m a senior, I first have to go through a whole argument with them about the definition of “freshman”.  It just isn’t worth the hassle!” I advised Lukas to direct any team members with any questions about their class standing to the ultimate authority on such matters – the UAA Seawolf Athletics web page, which lists all the athletes on the team, several of whom have a big fat F for ‘Freshman’ printed next to their name for all to see:  Link to Ski Team Roster

As for Mackenzie, she reckons she already completed her freshman year of college a couple years ago in Montana.  Then she figures she was a freshman again last year when she went to Norway to study at the university in Trondheim. By Mackenzie’s reckoning, if she’s still a freshman, then she’s the “most knowledgeable freshman in the world.”  These are her own words, as announced to everyone in the team van immediately after the interview below.  Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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