Sunday, October 20, 2013

Merci Beaucoup!

Last summer, when Lasse left town, he stored his things at my house for a couple weeks after he moved out of his place and before he got on the plane to Denmark. When he finally packed up his stuff and went to the airport, he left me a pair of his Swenor rollerskis, saying they were faster rollerskis than he he needed this fall in France.  And besides, he said, I'd need a faster pair of rollerskis so I could keep up with the boys on interval days this fall. I really appreciated it and I went for some nice workouts on those skis during the summer and fall with the team.

But there was a weak link - my ski boots. I was wrapping my feet in 1991 technology, and 22 years have taken their toll on those old Alpina green and purple ski boots. It had gotten to the point that even duct tape couldn't save them. That's why I was so excited when Marine offered me a new pair of Rossignol ski boots so I could keep using Lasse's rollerskis, and so that I can use the team's fleet of test skis this winter with Andrew and Nicole, and help our NNN-shod skiers test their skis before races. (Personally, I've been on the Salomon SNS system for 20 years now.)

So I want to offer a huge thank you to Lasse for the rollerskis and Marine for the ski boots, which fit perfectly!  If you two are still reading this blog 20 years from now, and I'm sure you will be, chances are I'll still be rocking those Swenor skis from Lasse (with replacement wheels perhaps) and the Rossignol boots from Marine. If you've seen my wardrobe you know I'm not kidding.

Thank you Lasse and Marine!

The blogger testing new gear.

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  1. Adam, I'm so glad to hear you are putting the skis to good use! However, after doing a time trial the other day, where the other guy was on fast rollerskis, I must admit I was missing them for the very first time! But with the winter coming up in few weeks, I'll hopefully benefit from skiing on my slow skis all summer!