Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dangerous Assumptions

We all know what they say about people who "assume": that they make an ass out of u and me.  Nevertheless, this blog likes to live dangerously, and in this week's blog post, we're going to make some assumptions.

First, a fact:  Lukas Ebner and carbonfiber go together like peanut butter and pickles.  Like great white sharks and kittens.  Like texting and driving. When carbonfiber sees lucky coming, it runs and hides. A few examples:

There are more photos like these.... I won't bore you with redundance.
So it's probably safe to assume that Lucky doesn't know that the Airbus 380 jumboliner is made of carbonfiber. If he had known that the Airbus 380 jumboliner is made of carbonfiber, he might not have been quite so eager to climb into one and fly to China in it.

Furthermore, we can assume that the other passengers aboard this particular Airbus 380 jumboliner were unaware of Lucky's rocky relationship with carbonfiber. If they had been, we can assume they would have imagined a fate such as this for themselves, just because of Lucky's involvement:  And you can read more here:

In the end, though, it all worked out just fine.  Lucky made a last minute decision to travel to China and do a little racing, and reportedly had the time of his life there. He competed in a sprint ski race on trucked-in snow, and was in a running race too. In addition, he got to visit the Great Wall and a whole bunch of other cool stuff that he's going to tell us all about when he comes back to Alaska in August. He has put up a half-report on his blog at:

Here's a picture I found on his Facebook page for which he didn't write an explanation, so I'm not really sure what's going on and I'll have to make a few assumptions in my caption:
Here's the awards ceremony for Lukas' road racing debut in China.  Lucky had a good race, finishing sixth out of seven runners. Sadly, money was only awarded to the top three finishers. It was a close race for sixth, though, with Lucky just edging out the seventh place finisher by inches. (Seventh place does not recieve an award.)
All in all, I'm very jealous.  I fly on airplanes three or four days every week, and I have never been on an A380. (Nor have I ever been to China.)
In other news, Alaska continues to break all-time records for warm weather and sunshine this summer. It's hard to tell the difference between Alaska and Florida these days.  At the moment, I'm writing this from Kodiak Island where the previous record temperature for this day was 78 degrees F, fifty years ago.  But that record was broken this afternoon.
And in other news, I'm sorry to say that all of you who were not in Anchorage over the weekend missed out on Primus' show Saturday night at the Moose's Tooth.

Recognize anybody you know here?

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