Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spencer Glacier

Sunny days; clear cool nights.  Time to go skiing.  So down Turnagain Arm we drove again - Andrew, Lasse, Lutz, Davis, Nevio, and me.  A tough choice between three good options at the head of Turnagain Arm:  Twentymile Valley, Portage Valley, or Placer Valley...?  Several of us had already spent last Tuesday in Portage, skiing up Burns Glacier.  Twentymile could be a beautiful adventure, but we also knew it would take some navigating through alders to get deep into the valley and  find the headwaters.  Placer Valley seemed easy enough: hard crust snow, two glaciers, one set of railroad tracks.  Simple enough...

Starting into the Placer Valley.  That's the end of the valley at the back of the photo.

Anybody want to rent a camper?


Here's Lutz catching a little air:

This is Davis on the same jump, realizing that his left ski broke just a milisecond ago:

These mountains are bigger than they look:

Spencer Glacier:

L-R: Andrew, Dog, Lutz, Nevio, Lasse.

Lasse, Lutz, me, and Nevio, in the glacier:

Just a moment before this photo was taken, Nevio found out that ice is slippery:




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