Monday, April 9, 2012


Sunny weather on Sunday meant it was time for the Arctic to Indan traverse.  In the parlance of professional bike racing, this trip is a "Spring Classic".  The route runs from Arctic Valley, just northeast of Anchorage, to Indian Valley, just southeast of Anchorage, and is an all-day thing - about 20 miles or so.  Steffi, Laura, Karl and two of their friends planned to go Arctic to Indian, so Danielle and I went the opposite direction so we could trade car keys at the halfway point, in order to keep the car shuttling to a minimum.

Typical Indian Valley scene:

No horses allowed on this bridge:

Turnagain Arm - our starting point:

At the car-key exchange, with Karl, Steffi, Laura, and friends:

There go my car keys...

There was enough snow:

Ship Creek:

The end of the trail.  That's our route in the background, center.  Ship Creek Valley, over the pass to Indian Valley:

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  1. This looks like a completely different place from Saturday! Looks like i'll have to do this trip on a sunny day and not with UAA rental skis:)