Thursday, February 23, 2012

Travel Day

Yesterday was a travel day for most of the UAA Ski Team.  However, we were not all traveling in the same direction.  The majority of the team left before dawn to travel to Bozeman, Montana for the RMISA Western Region Championships on Friday and Saturday.

While the team traveled to Montana, I traveled to Dillingham, Alaska, on the Bering Sea coast, for my "day job".  I really enjoy traveling for work in the winter, when I can bring skis with me and use them for transportation around western Alaska villages instead of relying on a rental car or airplane.  With a sense of direction and an open mind, you can turn "work travel" into "adventure travel".

One person who didn't do any traveling yesterday was Lukas.  Do we have to go back to calling him "Luki" again instead of "Lucky"?  On Monday, when we were doing a hard ski interval workout, Lukas crashed into the woods on one of the downhills.  He broke a pole and was able to borrow another pole to finish the workout.  But the next day when his hand swelled up, he went to the doctor and found out he'd broken his scaphoid bone and would need to put his hand in a cast for a couple of months.  So while the team competes this weekend at RMISA Regionals, Lukas is sticking around Anchorage to try to get his broken hand back in order in time for NCAA Nationals in two weeks.  I can say from personal experience that a person can ski OK with a broken scaphoid bone.  All you need is an old Swix T-grip and a roll of duct tape.  (I qualified for and raced a World Cup race with a broken scaphoid in 1990.)  So I guess if you see Lukas in the next couple months, he'll probably look something like this:

Lukas wouldn't be the first to race in Montana with a broken scaphoid:

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