Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More snow, more intervals

After several days of missing practice because my "day job" has kept me in airplanes, flying around the countryside, I was finally able to make it to practice again today for the team's last hard day in a block of intensity training.  It felt good to get out there again and ski fast for a little while!  Unfortunately, I was too busy trying to keep up with the boys to take any pictures during the hard part of the workout, but I took a few pictures during the warm down.  It's nice to have good snow in Anchorage!

It was too sunny for Lucky; he had to cover his eyes.

Lasse, Tor, and Nevio:

Lucky and Davis:
Dette bildet går ut til Lasse's foreldre. Er ikke snø, sol, vintervaer og høy fart mer interessant enn baby bilder?

After practice, I jumped on a plane to Kodiak.  Here's Anchorage this afternoon:

Harding Icefield:

The Kenai Peninsula:

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