Sunday, November 20, 2011

Alaska Cup Win

UAA won the Alaska Cup today. This is the annual early-season two-day showdown between UAA and UAF.  Today the women raced 5km on a tough, hilly Spencer Loop race course, while the men did two laps for their 10km race.  If all the UAA women beat all of the UAF women again today as they did yesterday, then we needed at least one of our men to beat at least one of the UAF men to get the win.  Lukas Ebner was the one who got the job done for us with a 3rd place result (overall), beating all the UAF men and ensuring that this year's Alaska Cup would go to UAA. 

I was busy taking video of the women today, so you only get to see photos of the men:




Lutz & Davis:

It's only November - a long time until the NCAA Championships in March. It's nice to win the first meet of the season, but we have a lot of work ahead of us.  We'll get some of that work done next week when we go out of town for our Thanksgiving training camp.  This coming week will be our biggest week of training of the year.  We'll come back to Anchorage tired but ready to start the process of getting faster during the early and middle part of the winter, to be at our best in early March.

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