Saturday, October 1, 2011


Today in the Ski Team van, on our way home from practice, we decided we should start a little blog where our parents, our family members, our friends, past UAA skiers, and future UAA skiers can check in and find out about the latest adventures of the team as we prepare for winter and chase an NCAA national championship title.  So here's the blog.

Today was the end of a "recovery week", a period of relative rest and recovery, in which we try to "absorb" the hard training of recent weeks.  Next week, we start in with more hard training.  Today we went for an easy 2-hour hike on Bird Ridge, about 20 miles south of Anchorage. A few snowballs were thrown, though we mostly stayed below the snow line. From now on, fewer and fewer workouts will be snow-free.  A few bears were out hiking too, but all three of them were running away from us - not toward us.  I think Lasse's losing his fear of bears; he sees them at every ski team workout these days.


  1. Thanks Adam. You may not be professionally affiliated with the UAA ski team but your many years of support and volunteer coaching are greatly appreciated!

    Family, friends, and fans of the UAA ski team will surely appreciate the posts and your sense of humor!

  2. Ditto what he said. Much appreciation to you Adam for all of your time and effort. It is awesome to see the adventures, the sweat and the tears of the UAA nordic ski team. Looking forward to a great ski season!