Saturday, October 15, 2011

Double-Poling and Waffle-Eating

Today we had a two-part workout:  rollerskiing and waffling.  We did a lap around west Anchorage on the multi-use trails which took a little less than three hours for the men and a little over three and a half hours for the women.  We ended up at Andrew and Calisa's house, where we ate all their food and held their baby.

Pre-workout directions and instructions outside the ski room at UAA.
 Lasse, Karina and Maya on the Coastal Trail.
 Laura, Steffi and Jaime.
 Point Woronzof.
 At Kincaid Park.
 A break for refreshments at Campbell Creek. Laura almost fell into this creek.  If she did, we'd have had some more entertaining pictures.
I must have been too busy stuffing my face to take any waffle pictures...

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