Saturday, December 11, 2021

Crossing The Border

 Unless the alpiners will let me come and hang out with them on the training hill here in Anchorage, I'm likely not going to see much more plastic-bashing action for a while. Two and a half weeks of alpine training camp has come to a successful conclusion. 

This training camp would have been VERY different (in a worse way) if not for the generous hospitality of Amanda and Judd Dueling, and Elizabeth Reid and Perry Hynes. Our athletes invaded their homes and terrorized their household pets for over two weeks, and it seemed like everyone was still smiling at the end of it. You already know, of course, that Natalie Hynes recently completed a very successful college career here at UAA, as did Marcus Dueling. Derek Dueling is skiing for us now, and their sister Hannah recently graduated from UAF after four years skiing and running for the Nanooks. The close relationship between the Yukon and Alaska is a natural thing, and we've always appreciated the long line of successful skiers and wonderful personalities that our neighbors to the east have sent our way.  But their hospitality and generosity during our training camp was far above and beyond. Thank you so much! We truly enjoyed our stay!

Our last giant slalom day

Sparky. Around sunrise on Thanksgiving Day.

Moro and Friends




We got to try out some high-tech GPS timing, acceleration and video analysis equipment with Alistair Smith of Proturn, who just happens to be a Yukoner.

Remember above, when I was talking about the generosity of our hosts?  Well, you may be aware that Thanksgiving in Canadia was celebrated way back in October. Nevertheless, on the American Thanksgiving Day in November, the Duelings did it all over again, and prepared a big holiday feast in honor of the occasion.

During the drive home. Somewhere in Alaska. Ashleigh and Kristina. -30C

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