Saturday, July 1, 2017

Tales From The Heartland

It's not always easy to get out the door for the ski training, I know. Sometimes it's cold and rainy (like our 2017 Anchorage "summer") and it seems easier to stay on the couch. Especially with this busted leg that's been slowing me down and limiting my list of exercise options to those with wheels, I sometimes need a little extra push to get out the door. But lucky for me, I stumbled upon this inspirational video that was recently filmed deep in corn country. Every inspirational film has to have a railroad, and this one's no exception. Whenever I feel my motivation waning, all I have to do is watch this little movie featuring Hannah and Quail, and I'm out the door lickety-split.

ps. Was that UAA alumnus Brian Gregg making a cameo appearance?

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