Monday, May 15, 2017

Wedding Bells

The Seawolf Ski Team matchmaking service is once again in full effect! It was with great exuberance and joy that the staff here at the UAA Ski Team Blog got word recently that Marine Dusser and Erik Bjornsen have recently decided to get married! Erik, as you know, skied for the Seawolves in 2010-2011. And Marine skied for the Seawolves from 2012-2014. Though they were not on the UAA Ski Team concurrently, Erik was attending school right across the street at Alaska Pacific University when Marine arrived at UAA.

That's Erik on the left, and Marine on the right. With their chaperones, Lasse and Etienne.
Since graduating from UAA, Marine has been living and working in France, but her ski-industry job has sent her travelling all around the Alps during the winter racing and event season.  And Erik has been been spending his winters racing around Europe on the World Cup circuit.  During the past couple of summers, Marine could often be spotted in Alaska during one of her many visits to see Erik, while Erik has spent a lot of time training in Marine's home town of Villard de Lans, a village in the mountains overlooking Grenoble.

Again, chaperones Lasse and Etienne keeping things from overheating...

Now we're all wondering when the wedding will be? Marine and Erik are saying they plan to get married next summer, most likely in France. 

Marine in Montana

Still in Montana...

Erik on his way to a second place at NCAA's in Vermont. 

Marine on the Anchorage Hillside.

Erik in Russia.

More recently. Again with the chaperones - Sadie and Rosie this time.
Congratulations to Marine and Erik on their marriage engagement! The entire staff here at the UAA Ski Team Blog world headquarters wishes you the very best together!

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