Friday, December 23, 2016

Name That Skiwolf - Round 1

Spy photos of Skiwolves in the early days of their skiing careers have been pouring in to the UAA Nordic Ski Team Blog's world headquarters here in the heart of Spenard all week, and it's been all our staff can do to keep up with the avalanche of mail. We've had to hire extra interns to sort through it all and try to figure out what's what and who's who so we can archive the files correctly in our vast Skiwolf Team Library.

Blog management doesn't know why we're suddenly receiving this deluge of baby pics, but they're all coming in anonymously and we can't figure out who's who among this multitude of images. Maybe you can help!  There might be a big prize for anyone who can figure out who's who in these Skiwolf pictures.

To start off, there's this one. This Skiwolf is very coy, skiing away from the camera so we can't identify her. I suspect nothing has changed in recent years, as the subject of this photo vaguely resembles someone whom we frequently find quietly hiding out in cabinets and closets of the team houses we live in during ski team road trips.

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