Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Power Line

We worked on strength the other day at Powerline Pass above Anchorage. And Bjørk's broken leg is healed up enough that she is back on skis again. 

Funky exercises with t-rex arms to isolate muscles.
These three may not look like they're really going anywhere. And they're not. But that look on Zacke's face tells you that this exercise is causing extreme discomfort in his tricep muscles. You may be wondering why Toomas has a smile on his face. That's because pain and discomfort are nothing for Tom. It doesn't bother him a bit. Last year he had a severe toothache on one of our ski trips and the only way we found out about it was when he finally admitted that he hadn't slept in a week. It wasn't the pain of the toothache that he cared about, it just bothered him that he hadn't been getting any sleep because of it. And as for Andrew, he's not actually moving at all. He gets to just stand around and coach.

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